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The Approach review quotes 3

A selection of some of the reviews for The Approach. Read the full reviews here.

‘three of the finest performers of their generation’
 – The Irish Times 

O’Rowe’s quite simply stunning new play … immaculate’
– Sunday Independent

‘exquisite ensemble performance … superlative design … the stuff of legend’
– The Arts Review

 ‘the three performances are first-rate beautiful design’
– Irish Independent

‘holds your attention like a transfixing riddle’
– The Irish Times

‘beautiful script … never less than riveting’
– Irish Mail on Sunday

‘three of Irish theatre’s foremost performers’
– Irish Examiner

‘brilliantly subtle and utterly engrossing’
– Sunday Business Post

‘O’Rowe directs the play himself (superbly) … and his layered script is handled with infinite tenderness by three of our most accomplished actors
– Sunday Independent